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Why choose fibreglass roofing?

The major reason why many people in Birmingham (and indeed the UK) are choosing fiberglass roofing is that it can last for over 30 years. The material is durable, attractive, and reliable. It will protect your domestic or commercial property from the weather much better than a traditional roof.
Those looking for durable and a cost-effective roof, that will last for many years and enhance the security and appearance of your property, need search no longer.
Along with all the benefits mentioned above a GRP roof is also easier to repair and maintain. Ensuring longevity and providing you even better value for money.

But what is GRP roofing?

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is a polyester resin material that manufacturers reinforce with chopped strand mat glass-fiber to create GRP laminate.

It is surprisingly light and strong. Russel Games invented the material in the year 1938 and initially, people used it to create water containers and boats. However, in recent years it is being used more and more as a roofing material.

GRP today, is very different from the one people used in the early 1940’s and 1950’s. Even though the principle is the same – the material is flexible, lightweight, durable, waterproof and fully reinforced.

How does it work?

Our fibreglass roofing systems are a combination of several materials including resin, OSB board decking, durable top coat, fiberglass matting and pre-designed trims to make a roof that is impact resistant, tough and attractive.

We provide efficient roofing solutions, GRP is great for minimising heat loss. It doesn’t matter if you’re a domestic or commercial client, or if you want a traditional or modern look. We can cater for you.

QC Construction Group can mold the material to your desired shape.

The benefits of GRP roofing

Apart from enhancing the appearance of your home, a great roof will also increase the value of your property. But most people will make a mistake when it comes to selecting the roofing material.

The best roof will provide you with the piece of mind you require the many years to come. But why should you select fiberglass GRP flat roof over rubber, felt or any other membrane roof?

Most people think of GRP fiberglass roofing as an untested technology or a very new idea. However, fiberglass is among the most proven roofing materials in the UK has been used for over 50 years!

The quality of roofing you use has a big impact on your home. It will prevent expensive water damages to your possessions and the structure. There’s no point having a palace for a home if your weakest link is the roof.

There are two primary benefits of selecting our roofing solution over the others available: GRP is more durable and provides a watertight finish.


All contractors and homeowners consider the long-term cost and durability when it comes to their roof. GRP roofing is incredibly durable.

After installation, the roofing should last for over 30 years. In fact, GRP doesn’t deteriorate as fast as rubber or felt. In addition, it requires no or very little maintenance.

Another advantage is that there are no joints, seams, or welds to allow chances of water getting in and damaging or weakening the components of your homes structure.

Once we have laid the strong fiberglass layer, we shall roll a durable topcoat over the top to make an entirely sealed surface.

A GRP roof is water tight.

Fibreglass is popular in many industries where a surface needs to be 100% watertight. Manufacturers commonly use the material in manufacture of boat hulls, including RNLI lifeboats.

Roofs with seams allow water to penetrate. By the time you realise that your flat roof has started leaking, the water will have may have created more damage than the eye can see.

GRP roofing will not have any joint or seam, so this will not be an issue. Most roofs, including the modern high-tech rubber membrane roof-coverings are flawed because they rely on welded or glued seams.

Research conducted over many years has shown that GRP roofs laminate can last for over 30 years. Felt roofs will last for less than 10 years. To find out more about fibreglass click here.

Expert installation

We will mold the fibreglass to any area including around light wells, roof lights and other obstacles or tricky areas that are seemingly troublesome.

If you are going to be walking on the area, we will make them non-slip. Even though functionality is vital, everyone would like to have a home that they’re proud of.

We always finish GRP roofs with pre-formed GRP edge trims and topcoats that are available in a wider range of colors. They will blend in with the existing structures. We will not limit you to a single look or product.

We can also install the roofing alongside walkways and balconies and in alignment with roof windows. Regardless of the style of your home or the style you are intending to achieve, the GRP roofing style will provide the best answer.

Is it expensive?

The cost of GRP roof installation will vary from one property to another. Our quote is based on a number of things including how many square metres your roof is. The cost will involve the material and labour.

Some of the factors that we consider when estimating the cost of a new roof include:

  • The specification: the quality of materials you need, the finish and the trims
  • Accessibility: this include the access, height or the scaffolding
  • The size: Generally the larger the roof, the higher the price.

The bottom line

GRP provides a long lasting roof. Low maintenance costs, so once it’s completed, there’s no more worrying or panic.

A fibreglass roof will increase the value of your property. It’s ideal for any sized roof that requires a tough and impact-resistant finish. It is very hardwearing and can withstand the foot traffic without any additional protection.

It’s also available in a variety of colours. Get in touch today to discuss your fibreglass roof installation.